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At Story & Season, we believe in finding purpose in life’s everyday moments. Every season has a purpose and every story gives us strength, and our hope is that you find beauty in life wherever you go.

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  • On Confidence

    I’m going to start this my own way. In a way that is my candid, authentic, transparent-to-a-fault self. I’m going to start this by sharing a “note” in my iPhone, written on August 28, 2019 at 11:55 pm ...

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    On Confidence
  • In The Mundane

    Let's get something out in the open: living a faith-filled life is not always exciting. There are moments of breakthrough, answered prayers, and freedom, but to be honest, most of the time, it's more ...

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    In The Mundane
  • Ulta Lipstick Try On Haul

    As far as lipstick goes, we're big neutral and pink fans — when a new nude or mauve comes out, we are all over that! — we have a few go to's we'll never get tired of, but we also wanted to ...

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    Ulta Lipstick Try On Haul

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